Try the drugs

November 18, 2007

Technology and science to the service of  marketing prevention. Some scientist and technologic person have developped new means to transmit prevention. Two examples to illustrate this :

 In Norway, government set up a web site incredible : a simulation of drugs effects….

Concretely, the web site show heroïne, cocaïne and  marijuana effects. The mouse reactions are adapted to drugs effects sensations.  For example, mouse is slow down or accelerated until became unverifiable.

I let you try by yourself :



 An other example about alcohol to sentivize problems. Under-glass of beer have been created  with special ink at certain place. It allows to sensitize consummers in dangers effect of alcool when you drive. Faces are prined on the under-glass beer and with the wet contact of the glass some parts of the picture are color in red. Red to represent blood color. To reinforce the impact pictures are black and white. Concept is really good, because the impact is direct when you consum alcohol.



New place for prevention

November 18, 2007

In general, marketing prevention campaing are made in basic place with basic means. We have seen prevention can be original in topic and the means how to transmit but it is always with TV spot or posters.

We have seen with previous posts, some campaigns are original. I have found a prevention campaing really invention not with image but more by the place.

Indeed, see this ad made in Romania :


In Romania, “Avon” cosmetic brand have decided to sensitize society on the importance of the breast cancer and tracking. This ad aim to the women only. To sensitize women, Avon have found an original means, one armchair in eight, is coverded by a pink cover. Avon have aimed places which are the most attended by women (like hairdresser, esthetician, cinema, solarium….). Why one armchair in eight…. ? because it is the proportion of women who are attacked by the breast cancer.

With the campaign, Avon could notice most of women avoid to sit on those armchair which is really symbolic. With this observation, effectiveness is proved and that shows implication women. The message was so much clear, so there was an increase in tracking centers of 30 %.


Original marketing

November 17, 2007

Marketing find more and more original idea to promot some subject. For example I found a really original poster for gift of blood in china :


For 14th June 2007 (national day for the gift of blood), a new poster have been present. It represent some sand glass wich the sand is color in red to remember the color of blood. On the bubbles glass, we see symbols which represent red cross and a man. Those two symbols make a link between the person who give his blood and the place where you can give your blood. The sand glass (by the returning) remind the person who give the blood could be the person who receive….

 In same idea and in report with the precedent post, this photo which represent a truck with cigaret’s cistern :


Why they creat this truck…?

It is to demonstrate all the chemical substance contents in cigaret. Indeed, more than 4000 substances are contents in a cigaret and reprents that by a cistern which transport dangerous substances is a really good idea to communicate.



November 17, 2007

Adevertising evolution tabacco campaing have evolved the most fastly in the prevetion. In the 70’s, adverstising promoted tabacco like a good product and ad transmited quality, effect and style of this product. Since 70’s advertising tabacco have been more and more restricted to arrive to the banned.

To see, how producer promot advertising, we take a example of Camel’s ad :


In this ad, we can see a camel with a cigaret in mouth. The camel is smiling, and wears sunglasses and leather overcoat, it is on a motor bike. For the time, camel wanted to creat an image really smooth. Today with the evolution of tabacco problem producer have been prohibited to make ad.

Year by year, advertising is restricted, for example in France during Formula one race, car with marlboro sponsor is banned.

With the political and medical advertises, tabacco is completly forbiden.

Now, prevention are effectives, in every cigarette package, we can see small message to prevent consumers….


The tabacco effect are really slow and advertising want to show how this product kills year by year. Some advertising were really shocking like that :


Prevention and the target

November 7, 2007

we have seen the prevention ad can aim to some subjects, indeed most problems appears since many years and political, medical person have worried about this. With those apparition, it makes reflection to know how prevent this. At the begining, we can see prevention ad aim person with old advanced, and little by little, they have realized it will be preferable to aim young and very young children to learn the basic principles.

With the huge problem of supersize wich touch essentially USA, and begin to arrive in Europe, adverstising try to learn to the children why it is important to eat balanced to have good health. Make prevention earlier avoid to develop problems. Adverstising adapt itself to be ludic and funny to the children. Ad try to be funny to transmit the message. Children are more sensitive to advertising funny and the parents with this could inspire their education.

In France, at the moment we have big example with “Manger, Bouger”, it is adverstising with fruit which talk. Ads are diffused during the lunch and diner. Those adverstising are accompanied a web ludic site to learn how to maintain health. This site which appearance is simple advertise for everybody and permit simply to know the essential…




October 14, 2007

About AIDS prevention , we can see huges defferences between countries.

Indeed, the culture and the open mind are differents between countries. That difference is showed in the ad of prevention about AIDS. The marketing have to adapt its message o his target.

For example, we can see in African countries, AIDS is a major problem and the marketing have to show a direct message. Sometimes with an humoristic touch. Indeed, the message can not be the same.

Indeed, in France and European countries, the sex subject is really evolved and it is not a taboo ot talk about this. In the prevention AIDS ad the message is more subtile, because in rich countries contraception is more easily to buy. And the distribution is more developed.

Take 2 examples : An African ad and Sweden ad.

Between those two videos, we can see the real different. Indeed, on the first ad, the message is direct we can see a man who is put a condom on a umbrella to help a woman. The message can not be so clear. Contrarly to the second video which show a father and his son in a supermarket. The son is unbearable, and the message is less direct cause it just to show “don’t make mistake use condom”.

With those videos, we can analyze the different target for the ad. And we can put in relation the importance to how transmit a message in ad.


Contraception and Marketing

October 4, 2007

 The social marketing deals with subjects like contracepetion and have more and more subtle approach.

In the 90’s, we can see, the advertising aimed at the using of the means contraception. The ad wanted to make sensitive the person to how to use the condom for example. Advertising stayed on one mean contraception and do not make prevension on all the means. It because, it was the beginning of the social marketing.

During the next year, the marketing and the message has evolved trough the mentalities. Indeed, with the evolution of contraception, the taboos little by little fell. People can speak more freely of sexe and the danger. Today it is becoming a banal subject and the add try to pass on the message most simply possible.

We have the example with this ad which is spreading in this moment in France.In this ad, various couples are represent and different conception of pleasure so, end at the end a presentation of all the contraception means is show.